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The 3 T’s of small-team user experience

Napier, NZI’m a small company gal. I like to work on a lots of different tasks and pour my skills into the gaps as needed. When it comes to User Experience (UX), this  means I often wear many hats: Visual Designer, Information Architect, Interaction Designer, Content Specialist. It also means I’ve learned a thing or two about small-team UX.

If you’re in a start-up or a small technical team within a larger company, you may not have the space on your team for a dedicated user experience person. When I attended UX Week last year, my eyes were opened at just how big UX teams could be in large organizations, and also how specialized the individual roles could be on these large teams. (See this post for an idea of the kind what UX roles are out there.)

I believe that even if you don’t have a stacked UX team to lean on, you can still have successful user experience practice. You just need to think about the 3 T’s of small-team UX: Talent, Teamwork and Time.

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